Valkiria Hub Space makes up part of CoWoCat, the private association of coworking space in Catalonia. Our primary mission is to provide a new way for auto cooperation, business generation and value. CoWoCat forms a group of 130 coworking centers.

CoWoCat is a community group of networking-labs that are open to new experiences and ways of discovering opportunities and knowledge-sharing. More than 2,500 individuals and freelancers work together on the new concept of Future of Work. We are creating ties with other international entities and coworking associations to offer more visibility and exchanging possibilities between countries.

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What are the advantages of joining CoWoCat?

A potent group of space and coworker advisors generates forward advances on the individual level.

  • Generating new opportunities
  • Promoting centers
  • Forming advisors
  • Defending interests
  • Exchanging understanding
  • International Networking

Why CoWoCat?

  • Visibility
  • Collective intelligence
  • Cultural difference
  • European demos
  • International Guide
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